Story Fifty Five: S.R. from Palestine

I am a girl from Gaza, I am 27 years old and I work for a private company. My family are well know in Gaza….anyways my story begins in 2009 with a colleague in my company, I used to see him as an older brother to me, but unfortunately he turned out to be a sick and mentally ill person who has never seen anything in his life. More importantly he claims that he is religious and he went to Al Haj Twice !!!
One day we had a meeting regarding yearly evaluations and he was meeting every employee individually, when my turn came up and we were sitting down for the evaluation, he stood up suddenly and came close and tried to attack me. I was faster than him, I stood up and I held on to the first thing I could get a hold of (which happened to be the stapler) and yet he tried to attack me again, but I was faster than him again, I hit him with the stapler between his legs and I ran outside the office. Then I threatened him and I told him I will tell my parents and I will make a scene and everyone will know, and I will even report you to the management. He told me that he will just say that I am a cheap girl. I told him anyways I have everything recorded…even though I really had nothing recorded!
From that day on he never had the courage to speak to me because he was so scared for his image as the whole religious man when he doesn’t even deserve to be a human being. I share my story because whomever the man is and even if he is of high position don’t be scared to stand up to him because he is a filthy human being, and you are stronger because you are right and he is wrong. I am with the uprising of women in the Middle East, because we must try and change our reality even with the simplest ways we have even if that were a stapler and most importantly we have to speak of these men so we would show the world what they really are.

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