Story Eight: Maghaly from Lebanon

Once I was walking home, it was about 7 or 8 at night during summer time, and I just took the first alley that leads to my house, when I felt that someone was laughing right behind me. When I turned to look, 2 guys on a motorcycle jumped on me and started touching me in inappropriate places and I started to scream my lungs out! I cursed at them when suddenly and out of nowhere people started screaming and shouting : “take your hands off of her you filthy pigs !”

It was a miracle that there were people out on the balcony of one of the buildings. I was so afraid and shaking, I even hit one guy on the head so hard that he fell. Then before I knew it they hopped back on their motorcycle and fled the scene. It turned out they had turned off off their motorcycle s engine so I wouldn’t hear them behind me and they were rolling the motorcycle.

It was horrific and I started to think that if there was no one around I could have been raped. Since then I don’t feel secure at all, I feel scared walking alone or even taking a cab alone.

After 2 weeks of that horrible incident, I was walking again back home with my friend (a girl) and it was also about 7 pm summer time and it wasn’t even night fall yet. So as we were walking, I felt someone following us, its an instinct I picked up after what happened to me last time, and so I turned around to check it out, and there he was ! A guy with an undone zipper masturbating behind us on the street ! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I told my friend what I saw but also told her not to make any expressions or freak out. Instead, I turned to him and started yelling at him, so he started running in the opposite direction. when I saw a man from the army standing, I told him the story and I pointed my finger in the direction the filthy guy was heading to, but what he said was: ” you shouldn’t have been dressed like that”.

I was wearing a t-shirt and a jeans, I was so shocked from what he said so I told him :”tfou 3lek” and just continued my way back home.

Because of this horrific experience and many other experineces that me and other women have been through, I am with the uprising of women in the Arab world…


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