Story Sixteen: Rahma from Tunisia

I am a 22 years old woman and here is my story.

I was sexually molested at the age of 9 by a 30 years old man. He touched and kissed my thighs and ejaculated on top of them. At that time i did not understand what had happened. However, when i did understand at the age of twelve, I knew that I lost my innocence from that moment .

Till now i still feel rage and anger and I couldn’t recover from that incident. I had told my story to a few friends and non of them understand what I’m going through. I even went to a therapist and that did not work either.

The molester still lives normally. I see him from time to time and I can only feel hate, anger, and frustration because he is free whereas I’m here trapped in my own psycho disturbed life.

I am with the Uprising of Women in the Arab World because children and females still can not speak out and stand up for their rights when it comes to sexual molesting and violent crimes committed against them.

For in our culture, these issues are taboos and it is better to suppress them for the sake of the family’s “honor”! what an absurd honor…


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