Story One: Abir from Lebanon

Name: Abeer
Country: Lebanon

Age: 11 years
Secret: Rape
Reaction: Absolute oblivion of childhood

Age: 14 – 17 years old
Secret: Verbal and physical abuse
Reaction: I remembered the rape, decided to put an end to this violence.


Black belt in Karate, facing the past, revealed the secret and was freed from home, the chains, the taboo of society and the taboo of the deed… rejected the thought that maybe it was my fault and talked about it to try to recall the memories.. I couldn’t.. yet, but surely I will..

Since then and till forever I am with the uprising of women because we can’t be freed except like this and because:
No, I’m not from my family’s house to my husband’s house
No, I won’t keep silent because it’s easier and because of what would people say about us
And no, because I’m a strong free woman who is not ashamed of her past, body or her options.


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Violence Against Women
Story One: Abir from Lebanon